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Upcoming Workshops

Hollyhock educational programs are offered by LI-The Leadership Institute

at Hollyhock

August 1 - 6
Dancing from the Inside Out
with Margie Gillis

August 1 - 6
Honouring Your Journey

with Thomas Atum O'Kane, PhD

August 1 - 6
Digital Photography
Capturing the Light

with Charles Steinberg

August 1 - 6
Emotional Freedom Technique
Level 1 & 2

with Alina Frank

August 1 - 6
Restorative Getaway

August 6 - 10
Radical Aliveness Core Energetics
with Ann Bradney

August 7 - 10
Aung Medical Qi Gong & Intuition
with Dr. Steven Aung, MD

August 10 - 15
Silence & Song
with Susan Osborn

August 10 - 15
Sharing the Path For Couples
(wait list only)
with Robert Gass & Judith Ansara

August 15 - 19
Tuning To The One

with Todd Boston


August 15 - 19
Girlvana Yoga
with Alex Mazerolle

August 19 - 24
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

with Lynda Greenberg

August 19 - 24
The Art of Leadership

(wait list only)
with Robert Gass

August 19 - 24
Art of Spiritual Guidance
A Two-Year Training Program

with Thomas Atum O'Kane

August 24 - 29
Hollyhock Adventure Program

with Bill Ophoff

August 24 - 29
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Training

with Susan Woods & Mark Lau

August 24 - 29
Yoga, Meditation & Deep Healing

with Michael Stone

August 29 - September 3
The Naturalist's Notebook

with Suzanne Northcott &
Bill Ophoff

August 29 - September 3
Vijnana Yoga

with Elizabeth Claire Burr & Leslie Young


in Vancouver

September 19
Developing Dialogue Skills

with Mark Winston

September 20
The Business of Show Biz

with Lisa Callamaro

October 3 - 5
The Yoga of Deep Intimacy

with Michaela Boehm

October 4
Your Emerging Future

with Oriane Lee Johnston

October 18 - 19
Speak to Me Like You Love Me

with Rachelle Lamb

October 24 - 26
Discovering & Dissolving Blockages to Health

with Marie Manuchehri, RN

November 17 - 19
Alchemy of Group Facilitation

with Julian Griggs


Featured Presenters

Stephen Jenkinson

"Not success. Not growth. Not happiness. The cradle of your love of life is death."
  - Stephen Jenkinson, subject of the acclaimed NFB film Griefwalker


Steven Aung, MD

Dr. Aung's grandfather, a traditional Chinese physician, asked that one of his three grandchildren pursue a career combining the best of both Eastern and Western medicine. Aung heeded his grandfather's request and has been honoured with the Order of Canada for his pioneering work integrating the two. 


Donna Martin

Donna Martin, from British Columbia, is a certified Hakomi therapist and international trainer who has worked closely with Ron Kurtz (the creator of the Hakomi Method) since 1991, leading retreats, workshops, seminars and trainings throughout Canada and the United States, Hawaii, Japan, Europe, Indonesia, South America, and Mexico. >more


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