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Scholarship Application Form

The Scholarship Fund

The Hollyhock Scholarship Fund exists to provide support to individuals who require assistance to participate in a Hollyhock program. All applicants must first register for their chosen program. All applications are reviewed and considered. Priority is given to those who demonstrate financial need, diversity, have not received a Hollyhock scholarship within the past two years, and articulate how they will bring what they learn in their Hollyhock educational program back to their homes, workplaces and communities.

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What is a Hollyhock Scholarship?

We grant partial tuition scholarships, generally up to one-half of the program tuition fee.  

Scholarship recipients are responsible for paying the balance of tuition, as well as the full cost of travel, accommodation and meals, day-use fees (for offsite guests), material fees (applicable for some programs), and taxes/ fees associated with attending a Hollyhock program.

*Please Note: Hollyhock scholarship grants are considered taxable income.

What Does Hollyhock Ask of Scholarship Recipients?

We may ask for your help to spread the word about the program you're attending, and post-program, we'll invite you to share a quotation or testimonial about your time at Hollyhock.

Programs Eligible for Scholarship Support

While almost all of our programs are eligible, there are a few programs that are ineligible for scholarship support:

* Restorative Getaways
* Read, Write, Create, Explore (Spring & Fall)
* Vancouver programs, EXCEPT Alchemy of Group Facilitation (Nov 17-19) and SVI Vancouver (April 29 - May 1)
Metta Vipassana with Mindful Movement (Apr 30 - May 14)
* Buddhist Meditation: Wake Up To Freedom (Oct 3-8)
* Cultivating Awareness (Oct 26 - 31)

Registration & Deposits for Scholarship Applicants 

We remind you that you need to register in your selected program before applying for a scholarship.
Please call our registration office, 1-800-933-6339 x232, or fill out an online reservation request form

When you register, please indicate that you intend to apply for a scholarship so that you receive the reduced deposit rate.

Reduced Deposit for Cortes Campus programs: $195 (standard deposit is $395)
Reduced Deposit for Vancouver programs: 50% of total tuition cost (standard deposit is total tuition)

If the Scholarship Committee is unable to offer you a scholarship or if you decline a scholarship offer, we will refund your full deposit.

Once confirmed, your deposit is refundable, less a $50 processing fee, if you cancel up to 7 days prior to your arrival. Cancellation 7 days or less before your arrival date results in full deposit forfeit.

We recommend that you register and apply for a scholarship early. Early submission helps your chance of receiving support. 

When Will You Hear From Us?

Our Scholarship Committee meets weekly from April to October. and you can expect to hear back from us within 2-3 weeks. Applications received between November and March are reviewed in April.

An automatic email confirmation is sent out for every application received, however, spam filters and other technical reasons may result in you not receiving the email. If you do not receive the auto receipt, please contact


Thank you for submitting your application. We look forward to seeing you at Hollyhock this year.


The information you provide in the form below is used for the sole purpose of allocating scholarships. Note that all fields marked with a * are required.

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Select the program you wish to attend from the list below. For program details and dates, please visit our Programs section (this will open in a new window).
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    Hollyhock supports diversity. Please indicate any aspects of diversity that may apply:  




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Please respond to each of the following questions with two or three sentences.
    Why are you requesting financial support?  
    Tell us about any community or volunteer work you are involved in?  
    What benefits do you hope to receive by attending this program, and how do you envision making the world better through your Hollyhock experience?  
    How did you hear about the Hollyhock Scholarship Fund?  

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