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Offered by Hollyhock Farm Ltd. (a for profit corporation).

Integrate your learning with exceptional bodywork.  Rejuvenate body and mind, breathe easy and feel revitalized in the hands of our highly  skilled, professional practitioners in the beauty and quiet of nature.   

Choose from an extensive selection of offerings:

  • Hollyhock Massage: Our signature full-body relaxation treatment that blends techniques unique to each practitioner.
  • Deep Massage: Releases muscle tension through penetrating pressure and firm gliding strokes.
  • Sea Stone Massage: Full-body massage with warm stones to deeply relax your body.
  • Acupressure Massage: Full-body massage integrated with a sequence of acupoint pressure.
  • Facials & Wraps: An array of luxurious body care sessions to nurture your skin, revitalize tissue and enhance circulation.
  • Cranio Sacral: A subtle, gentle treatment along the base of the spine, the neck and head, relaxing and encouraging your body's natural healing mechanisms.
  • Reflexology: Reflex points in the feet are stimulated to release tension from the entire body.
  • Private Yoga Sessions: Personalized instruction for every level focusing on your unique needs and abilities.

Bodywork sessions are from one to two hours long. Prices range from $89 - $210, depending on modality and length of session.

To ensure the best availability, we strongly recommend you pre-book appointments two weeks prior to your visit.  Contact the Hollyhock store 800.933.6339, ext. 259 or for more information or to pre-book.

View our full bodywork menu and prices here.