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Rooms & Rates

Cortes Island accommodations at Hollyhock are varied in both location and price - from tenting under old growth cedars to staying in an ocean-side private suite, but all sharing our serene landscape and high standards of quality, cleanliness and comfort.

Your room fee includes enjoyment of all Hollyhock has to offer, such as vibrant presenter evenings, delicious, organic meals, morning yoga/meditation classes, guided naturalist walks and tours of the garden as well as luxurious soaks in our ocean-view hot-tubs for an unforgettable BC retreat. Telephones and high-speed Internet are centrally located while cell phones work in our parking lot. We encourage you to book early to ensure best selection.

Eight Ways to Make Yourself at Home in our Cozy Accommodations

Orchard: Cozy, Secluded, Birdsong

Carousel: Central, Salal, Roundabout Deck

Gingerbread: Distinctive, Comfort, Beautiful

Pegos: Romantic, Kitchenette, Beach View

A-Frame: Family-Centric, Cabin, Cozy

Beach House: Driftwood, Panorama, Water's Edge

Bluff House: Eagle-Eye-Ocean-View, Kitchenette

Tents: Cedars, Bathhouse, Tranquil