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Healing Calligraphy

Jun 20 - 23, 2014

Presented by: Steven Aung

  • The Arts

Use a Qi Gong approach to calligraphy to produce healing energy— for yourself and for those who appreciate your creations. Harvest the power of Qi (energy) flow from the body to the mind to the spirit and then through the brush. The art of healing occurs as a result of a balanced body, a peaceful mind, and a harmonizing spirit.

Dr. Aung shares his innovative form Pan-su Pan-hwa (1/2 calligraphy 1/2 painting), intertwining colour into the calligraphy. Along with creating a healing environment, calligraphies provide positive healing energy to their creators and to those who appreciate them. Learn how to turn this ancient art form into a spiritual and healthful practice. Come to understand the nature of the ink, the action of the brush, and how to place the strokes to create a beautiful, balanced, lively piece of work that can provide deep relaxation, inner peace and happiness. Share the wonders of expression as your creativity, character, and philosophy are transferred from your hands to rice paper, and then to the eyes of the beholder. In this way, calligraphy provides not only positive energy and deep relaxation but also enhanced spirituality and healing.
Day three is dedicated to relaxation and integration without facilitation.
Steven K.H. Aung, MD, TCM, was taught calligraphy and brush painting as a child, under the guidance of his father and grandfather and later mentored by many Taoist and Buddhist masters as well as Chinese artists. He is deeply interested in self-cultivation, concentration and the free flow of samadhi in painting and calligraphy. He creates large spiritual paintings and calligraphic works expressing aspects of Taoist and Buddhist philosophy. He is also dedicated to creating brush paintings of spiritual beings, such as Arhats and Bodhisattvas as well as spiritual plants such as the bamboo and lotus. Recently, he has begun painting his treasured childhood memories. He strongly believes that art is closely associated with medicine and healing.

TUITION: $575 + $10 materials fee CDN / 3 nights  (meals & accommodation extra)