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Sea Kayaking Adventures Aboard Misty Isles

Jul 13 - 18, 2014
Sep 19 - 24

Presented by: Mike Moore

  • The Natural World

Learn to kayak safely and comfortably as you navigate the protected ocean surrounding Cortes Island. Glide gently on the surface of the sea, passing miles of pristine coastline, with seals, bald eagles, and seabirds for company. Each morning, depart Hollyhock and embark upon the 43-foot Misty Isles schooner as your mothership, with kayaks and lunch onboard. Explore the spectacular waters around Cortes Island and Desolation Sound, as you drift past mountains that seem to shoot up out of the sea. Cruise by historic sites as Mike’s vivid stories bring the region’s history to life. Enjoy the deep quiet of nature and the peace of your own thoughts as you paddle through narrow channels. Hungry from adventuring, return to Hollyhock in time for dinner.

This workshop is held at two different times in July and September. Each month brings its own special qualities.

July - Along with the sunny days comes the opportunity to kayak and swim in the warm waters of Desolation Sound. The summer season is in full swing with many boaters out on the water enjoying the majestic scenery.

September - In the late summer, a sense of tranquility returns. The yachts start heading south and the weather is often very calm. The birds and wildlife that have spent the summer away to feed and breed begin to return to these protected waters.

Michael Moore is a ship’s Navigation Officer whose voyages have taken him from the High Arctic to Antarctica. He has been a kayak instructor and guide on Cortes Island for more than twenty years.

" It was well organized, thoughtful and meticulous to details.
It was performance art with an athletic/ naturalist twist.
We loved it all!"
- past participant

TUITION: $625 CDN / 5 nights July & September (meals & accommodation extra)