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Ansara (Gass)


Sharing the Path: For Couples

Aug 10 - 15, 2014

Presented by: Judith Ansara (Gass), Robert Gass

  • Relationship

Come celebrate and renew the joy and the aliveness of loving partnership. Join the hundreds of couples who have come to Sharing the Path and found their relationships infused with renewed passion, skillful communication, mutual respect, deeper friendship, and greater joy, and pleasure.

For those who already share a good and loving connection, this retreat is an opportunity for further enrichment and discovering new levels of intimacy. For those who are feeling challenged in your partnership, Sharing the Path offers healing and ways to rekindle and strengthen your connection and love
For many couples this retreat has been life-changing. In a respectful and safe way, you will be both challenged and supported in breaking out of old, unskillful habits, and guided in the practices of conscious relationship—authenticity, self-responsibility, empathy, appropriate boundaries, sacred sexuality, deep listening and effective problem solving. Experience the full, loving potential of your relationship and leave with important skills and tools to support your ongoing life as a couple. Same sex couples warmly welcomed.
Click here to see a video from one of Robert & Judith's previous couples' programs at Hollyhock
Robert Gass, EdD, and Judith Ansara, MSW, are well-known teachers who integrate rich backgrounds in spiritual practice, psychology, organizational change, social action and the arts. For three decades, they have brought their work to centres such as Omega & Esalen, and organizations ranging from General Motors to the Sierra Club. They have created some 20 albums of sacred music including best-seller Om Namaha Shivaya. Gifted healers and guides, they bring to their work a depth of compassion and insight forged in the living laboratory of their 40+ year marriage. Assisted by Indrus Piche, Shel Montgomery and Ron Postl.


"This was the most profound couples workshop I have ever taken.  It totally rejuvenated my relationship with my wife. It helped me see how to practically create and live the relationship we’ve always wanted." Jack Canfield   author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

TUITION: $595 CDN / 5 nights  (meals & accommodation extra)