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Iyengar Yoga Intensive

Aug 10 - 15, 2014

Presented by: K-Lea Gifford

  • Yoga & Movement

Deepen your personal practice of Iyengar Yoga. Active morning asana (postures) enlivens the body/mind for self-exploration. Afternoons comprised of pranayama (breathwork) and restorative poses create the platform for deep relaxation and dharana, the direct communion with spirit and the ultimate reason to practice yoga.
All levels welcome.
K-Lea Gifford is a second-generation yoga instructor, with thorough knowledge and extensive training in the Iyengar method. She started practicing in 1983 and began training in the Iyengar method in 1990. K-Lea has studied in Pune with the Iyengars several times and is certified at the Junior Intermediate Level 2. She is a certified Advanced Alaya Process Practitioner and a meditation student. K-Lea presents Yoga in a format allowing for deep integration of body, mind, and spirit. Her ability to adapt postures to individual needs provides a skillful and compassionate educational experience for any level practitioner. K-Lea shares her love of Yoga with heart-full compassion and intuitive understanding.
"K-Lea has wonderful energy and immense knowledge of Iyengar yoga. I am so glad I had the opportunity to experience her class." - past participant
TUITION: $525 CDN / 5 nights  (meals & accommodation extra)