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Alchemy of Group Facilitation - Vancouver

Nov 17 - 19, 2014

Presented by: Julian Griggs

  • Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Vancouver


Finding meaningful and enduring solutions to real-life problems demands engagement with multiple interests and across many lines of difference. Bringing out the very best from a diverse group of individuals can be challenging however, and requires a subtle mix of compassionate support, sensitivity and insight. The practice of facilitation needed in such settings involves alchemy - part science, part art, perhaps even a dash of magic - to transform divergent viewpoints and competing interests into agreed solutions and alignment on next steps.
Identify and develop the core competencies required to allow groups to function at their best, collaborate effectively, and solve issues together. Join Julian Griggs, one of BC’s most gifted facilitators, as he guides participants through a three day intensive course* that helps you identify why groups struggle and how to alter that dynamic, how to intervene effectively when needed, and how to empower groups to find solutions for the issues they face. With hands-on exercises and role-plays, plus examples from the participants themselves, this course is an excellent foundation for leaders, managers, third party interveners, agency staff responsible for engagement at the community level, or any team members whose success relies on effective collaboration and participatory decision making.
IAF certified, Julian Griggs specializes in collaborative decision making process and is a regular trainer and facilitator at Hollyhock. Over the last 22 years, Julian has designed and facilitated hundreds of multi-party planning processes, workshops, meetings, strategic planning initiatives and conferences for corporate, government, First Nations and not-for-profit sector clients in Canada, the US and abroad.
TUITION: $625 CDN / $545 nonprofit
Date & Time: Nov 17 - 19, 9:00am-5:00pm
Venue: SFU Wosk Centre - 515 West Hastings, Vancouver
"Wonderful! I am walking away with practical tools and knowledge, as well as connections and a renewed commitment to this work and my path as a facilitator." - past participant

"This has been incredibly empowering and it makes me want to go out and empower others." - past participant
*Note that this course offers a slightly condensed version of the 5-day Art and Craft of Effective Facilitation, to be delivered by Julian at Hollyhock May 19 - June 2, 2013.