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Psoma Yoga Therapy Training

May 14 - 23, 2014

Presented by: Donna Martin

  • Training
  • Yoga & Movement

Integrate Hakomi with mindfulness and yoga for powerful transformation. Renew your yoga, meditation or therapy practice in this hands-on training in the psoma yoga approach to emotional healing. Psoma yoga therapy is an integrated approach to yoga therapy based on the yoga sutras of Patanjali, pranayama, and mindfulness practice. This practice includes mindfulness-based asana and applied mindfulness, or Hakomi(body-centered psychotherapy). This approach to body/mind/spirit healing understands healing as the unfolding of wholeness, or wholeness happening.

This nine day training is for yoga teachers and practitioners who aspire to teach, as well as therapists who have a yoga practice and who would like to learn a way to incorporate a mindfulness-based mind/body/spirit approach with other methods. Receive hands-on instruction, guidance, and practice in the psoma yoga approach, in teaching psoma yoga to groups, including multi-level groups and people with health issues, along with a combined yoga and Hakomi approach to emotional healing. This will be taught experientially with opportunities for personal work as well as to participate in supporting others.
Participants will receive the psoma yoga instruction manual.

Donna Martin has been a yoga teacher since 1970 and a Hakomi therapist and international trainer since 1996. She is the author of several books, including Remembering Wholeness (books 1, 2, and 3), Seeing Your Life through New Eyes (with Paul Brenner), Practice of Loving Presence (with Ron Kurtz - 5 ebooks available) and Simply Being (with Marlena Field). She is in the process of completing a book on psoma yoga.,,

TUITION: $450 CDN / 9 nights  (meals & accommodation extra)

Meals and accommodation for this program are offered at 40% off regular rates and vary depending on room. Meals will feature a light breakfast (boiled eggs, porridge), lunch (soup, bread and salad) and dinner (stew or light entire’/main dish, vegetable side, condiment and salad). Desserts are not included in this meal plan. Morning yoga and nature walks are not part of Hollyhock programming during this time.